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Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004-USA

Assembly Services


Through continuous investment in employees and resources, Alltemated, Inc. can quickly and accurately engineer and manufacture your: 


  • Wire leads and wire sets
  • Cable and harness assemblies
  • Completely customized interconnect solutions
  • Electro-mechanical assemblies and box builds
  • Power cord


Trust Alltemated to speed production time and reduce costs with its wide-ranging line-up of tooling and machinery.


In addition, Alltemated backs its fundamental production services with everything you need to ensure your final product meets all specifications for documentation and shipping.


Maintain focus on your company's core business, and rely on Alltemated's capabilities and experience for all of your interconnect needs.

We can take your project at any stage of the product cycle. From concept rendering, ID, PD, circuit design, mechanical design, PCB layout, component sourcing, prototype, pilot run, small production, high volume product, product service, RMA, drop shipment. 



Video Game Conversion Kit

  • Alltemated provides complete design for assembly, procurement and assembly services. From custom chassis to packaging design, Alltemated can design, build, test and ship your products.
  • Custom Designed PC Compatible Chassis Complete Hardware and Software Integration
  • Complete Packaging Design, Completed Conversion Kit Ready for Distribution
  • Replacement Marques and Control Graphics
  • Available as an Update Kit & Full Conversion Kit.
  • Cabinet Replacement Side Graphics
  • Power Adaptor Kit
  • Gun Kit