Alltemated Inc. Announces New Versions of PLACE-N-BOND™ RP-113178 Underfilms for BGA Reliability Enhancement

14 May 2015

Arlington Heights, ILMay 14, 2015 – Alltemated, Inc. announced today that PLACE-N-BOND products will now be offered with glue dots pre-applied to the strip as an alternative for “tacky-pads.” The original series RP-113178 now has new versions RP-113178-A-1 and RP-113178-A-2 with this inventive solution. Testing is even more attractive as it seamlessly integrates into a standard SMT feeder and saves the time and expense of having to modify circuit boards to accommodate PLACE-N-BOND during trials. Traditionally PLACE-N-BOND underfilm is placed onto un-routed, unconnected, wet paste solder pads (tacky-pads) to maintain position after placement and during the reflow process. Now, the strips can come packaged in carrier tape with low-tack adhesive dots pre-applied on the bottom.

Alltemated’s engineering team has also been working hard to broaden PLACE-N-BOND’s capabilities to help solder joints on LGAs.  A thinner version of underfilm successfully helped improve LGAs during shock, drop, and thermal cycling testing. This new version of PLACE-N-BOND creates the opportunity to add strength in an area where underfill has difficulties.


PLACE-N-BOND Underfilm is a preformed thermoplastic packaged in tape and reel that is picked and placed with an existing SMT feeder and is designed to be a SMT-ready alternative to dispensing adhesives and underfills. The underfilm bonds during the reflow process and can be used in BGA reliability, flex-circuit-to-rigid-board bonding, encapsulating, sealing, and MORE! No dispensing, additional cure time, or cold storage is required.


2023 Update: RP-113178-A-2, has been discontinued.