About Company

  • 1993 Founded
  • 1994 Became Motorola Supplier for component testing, programming and packaging services
  • 1995 Implemented ERP software
  • 1999 Added thermo-formed packaging manufacturing capabilities
  • 2001 Off-site packing of accessories for Harvard DC
  • 2002 Off-site and On-site packing of cellphones for Harvard DC
  • 2003 Developed PLACE-N-BOND Underfilm for BGA/LGA and shock-drop reliability enhancement
  • 2004 Added PC Based Box Build and Test Services
  • 2008 Two Alltemated Managers receive IPC-A-610D Certified IPC Trainer Certificates

  • 2009 Became a primary value-add service provider for one of the largest international electronics distributor
  • 2010 Awarded the SMT VISION Award for PLACE-N-BOND Underfilm
  • 2012 Purchased lasers for component marking, industrial cutting and engraving
  • 2015 Announced new versions of PLACE-N-BOND with pre-applied adhesive dots
  • 2015 Expanded facility to increase manufacturing capacity
  • 2015 Registered to ISO 9001:2008
  • 2019 Registered to ISO 9001:2015


Current Applicable Services

  • Custom Design
  • Programming/Configuration – over 400 customer programs, Flash, Re-flash and One Time Programmables
  • Hard Drive Cloning – Program, Assemble and Pack, Multiple Software and Hardware Configurations
  • Complete System Assembly, Configuration, Test and Final Packaging
  • CD, DVD and Memory Duplication
  • Postponement Services
  • Pre-Kit Services
  • Breakdown Services
  • Rework/Repair Services
  • Reverse Logistics Services



  • Automated Equipment Systems
  • Machine Integration
  • Vision Systems
  • Software Implementation
  • Scanners and Printers
  • Quality Systems
  • Remote Operations
  • Bilingual Staffing

Engineered Logistics and Light Manufacturing

  • Provide turnkey engineered, documented and managed solutions for assembly, final configuration and packaging operations
  • Provide procurement and inventory management
  • Reduce rework and returns liability with preventative processes
  • Institute effective corrective actions utilizing process improvements
  • Continuous improvement of operations based on measurable results of Productivity, Quality and Costs
  • ISO compliant or certified operations with documented procedures and training


Customer Goals

  • Purchase Complete Assemblies with One Purchase Order
  • Complete Project Management One-Stop Shopping
  • Engineered and Documented Processes
  • On-Demand Capacity
  • Just In Time Materials
  • Accurate Inventory
  • Real-Time Order Status
  • Quality Metrics
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Ship to Stock Supplier Status
  • Cost Effective Solutions


  • Diversified Manufacturing
  • Maintained multiple Motorola vendor codes for 8 years providing services to many locations
  • Expanded services from Front End to Back End Electronics Manufacturing through referrals, results of Competitive Quality,
    Productivity and Pricing
  • Successful participation in Motorola PCS Distribution 3PL out-sourcing and in-sourcing programs
  • Successful participation in the Gaming Industry
  • Meeting and Exceeding Quality and Productivity Goals

Logistics and Manufacturing

  • Inventory Management
  • Packing
  • Order Fulfillment

Alltemated is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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Alltemated ISO Certified Manufactured in the USA Alltemated Reach Compliant Alltemated RoHS compliant Alltemated WEEE compliant ALLTEMATED IPC MEMBER