Tape and Reel

Automated and Manual Taping per EIA Standards

  • Electrically Dissipative and Low Cost Non-Conductive Tapes
  • Custom Manufactured Tapes
  • All Standard Component Tapes Available
  • PSA or Heat Seal Cover Tapes
  • Antistatic, Conductive or Cardboard Reels
  • Bake and Dry Packing
  • Axial and Radial Forming and Taping

Tape and Reel is the process of packaging electronic components into individual pockets of carrier tape. The units are sealed with heat or pressure cover tape. The carrier tape is wound around an industry-standard reel for loading onto component-placement equipment.

Alltemated tapes and reels and inspects millions of custom and standard components weekly. We meet industry Standards such as EIA and JEDEC as well as other customer requirements. Our advanced tape and reel equipment provides your product with the quality you demand and deserve. Our massive inventory of standard and design specific carrier tapes allows Alltemated to package a variety of devices.

Whether the parts are in bulk, tubes or trays, we can tape and reel package components to your specifications. We can even drop ship JIT, logo-specific labeled products for you. With experienced engineers, operators and inspectors, we can easily tackle your high or low volume jobs. 30+ years of continuous service and expertise for customers around the world.