IC Programming

  • IC Programming of memory and logic devices such as PLD,CPLD, Microcontroller, FPGA, PROM, EPROM and Flash
  • Full support of virtually all package types, including, but not limited to: BGA, DIP, QFP, QFN, PLCC, TSOP and SOIC
  • Support for all major semiconductor manufacturers
  • Full dry-pack capabilities to support moisture sensitive products


  • IC programming equipment from BP Microsystems, Data I/O, Dataman, System General and Microchip
  • Automated marking equipment, including ink, laser, kapton and poly label

Service Commitment

  • First Articles processed within same day of receipt of customer’s code
  • Production orders can start same-day, and partial delivery quantities can also ship same-day.

Commitment To Quality

  • Alltemated utilizes Statistical Process Control techniques to ensure IC programming processes are maintained within defined
  • All personnel are certified on each piece of equipment before processing production orders
  • Files are controlled on a server and accessed via various softwares.

The Alltemated IC Programming Center utilizes state-of-the-art IC programming and auto handling equipment to reproduce customer
supplied codes onto Programmable IC’s (Integrated Circuits). Our use of related leading edge technology allows our team of
certified operators and technicians to perform this production efficiently while adhering to manufacturing controls and