Alltemated Inc. Expands Again!

12 June 2016

Fast-paced IC Programming, Tape and Reel, and Assembly Services company, Alltemated Inc., has expanded its capacity at its Arlington Heights, IL facility once again.

Alltemated Inc. is busy working ahead on satisfying the demands of current and inquiring customers by increasing the programming room and tape and reel room to twice its size, implementing new equipment and hiring additional staff to work multiple shifts.

In May of 2015, the corporation announced the extension of its warehouse facility. The surplus space allowed them to be able to expand again this year. The repeat growth can be primarily credited to their latest version of PLACE-N-BOND Underfilms. PLACE-N-BOND is a better solution to Underfills. It comes package in tape and reel, therefore it seamlessly integrates with an SMT feeder and can be picked and placed with a custom nozzle. When Alltemated added more room to its warehouse last spring, it also revealed a new brand of adhesive Underfilms with adhesive micro-dots pre-applied to the strip. It’s an alternative solution for “tacky-pads.” The latest improvement to PLACE-N-BOND has amplified Alltemated’s market allowing them to cultivate new customers and business.

The organization has branched out in other markets within the last year as well such as 3D Printing, Laser Marking/Ablation and Kapton/Ultem Thermo-forming. Alltemated is now equipped with a 3D Printer and four lasers for mass production of PLACE-N-BOND Underfilms and other services such as laser cut parts, Kapton and Ultem Thermo-forming, Component Laser-Marking/Ablation and 3D Printing. Extra taping machines have been purchased for various component tape and reel services, as well as additional IC Programming equipment for the larger room.

As the market progresses and changes, the company is growing systematically with the trends. With the expansion of space, more equipment and staff, and now new products and services, 2016 is turning into quite and inventive year for Alltemated Inc.