conductive adhesive for flex applications

Alltemated/Action IR Partners with SunRay Scientific – Conductive Adhesives

8 December 2022

Press Release 2022/2023

Introducing…a new partnership to change the game in conductive adhesives for complex applications.  

Action IR, Alltemated’s Manufacturers Rep and Co-developer of PLACE-N-BOND™, has signed an agreement to support the introduction and design in use of SunRay Scientific materials including ZTACH® ACE Z-Axis Pressure-less Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive. 

While PLACE-N-BOND‘s nature is nonconductive and non-insulating, combining forces with Sunray’s innovation allows Alltemated and Action IR to broaden their capabilities and provide more solutions for bonding more applications. We will be better to assist manufacturing limitations common in hybridized electronics, smaller form factors, 3-D Stacking and printed electronics. Similar to PLACE-N-BOND™, ZTACH® ACE also eliminates the need to underfill.

ZTACH® ACE Z-Axis Pressure-less Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive 

ZTACH® ACE is applied as a paste without any pressure and then cured either with heat at low temperature (70˚C to 200˚C) or with UV in a magnetic field. The results in the self-assembly of conductive Z-Axis columns at regular intervals throughout the adhesive thickness. The columns create electrical and thermal interconnection in the Z-Axis, while maintaining electrical insulation in the X-Y plane. After formation, the columns maintain their structure due to immobilization within a now rigid polymer matrix. 

snapshot of ZTACH ACE's value proposition

Our goal is to work with SunRay to help ZTACH® ACE grow in printed electronics and semiconductor packaging and become a global solutions provider for complex interconnects.

Come see us at IPC APEX 2023 booth # 1713 and Wafer-Level Packaging Symposium to learn more about PLACE-N-BOND ™ and SunRay adhesive products and solutions.