Since 1993, Alltemated has been a leader in the Value-Add service industry. We are an ISO 9001:2008 registered company. Alltemated employs the most efficient and effective methods for services such as IC Programming, Carrier Tape Manufacturing, Tape and Reel and other Assembly Services. Our patented manufactured underfill alternative solution, PLACE-N-BONDTM Underfilm, sets us apart in the market.


This patented Underfilm technology uses pre-formed thermoplastic to edge-bond BGA/CSP/LGA and other packages to the PCB. This helps to improve solder ball/joint and shock-drop reliability without the need to dispense from a syringe like traditional underfill. PLACE-N-BONDTM Underfilm comes packaged in Tape and Reel and can be seamlessly integrated on existing SMT assembly lines, where the Underfilm strips can be picked and placed with a custom nozzle.

Traditional underfill can encapsulate the entire gap between the component and PCB, whereas PLACE-N-BONDTM , the alternative underfill solution is ideally placed along the corners of the component as that is a frequent area of stress on solder joints. The edge-bonding and gap-fill occurs during the reflow process; no secondary cure is required. PLACE-N-BONDTM Underfilm can be custom-designed for many applications and has numerous sizes readily available. It's alternative, Underfill, typically has a shelf life of 2 years and needs to be kept in cold storage, PLACE-N-BONDTM can be stored at room temperature and has a 10-year shelf life. Underfill is not capable of being re-worked; Alltemated’s PLACE-N-BONDTM Underfilm is 100% re-workable.

This product has been fully tested. Drop tests results show a significant improvement in solder joint/ball and shock-drop reliability. PLACE-N-BONDTM Underfilm is RoHS certified and is applied in assemblies using standard lead-free reflow profiles. Alltemated offers the premier underfill alternative solution to with PLACE-N-BONDTM Underfilm.  

Tape and Reel

As a leading Carrier Tape supplier, Alltemated offers custom packaging for electronic components in Tape and Reel. Our Carrier Tape design and manufacturing can be the solution whether for integrated circuits, connectors, stampings, solder pre-forms, coin-cell batteries or other electronic components that need to be prepare for automated assembly. Our products allow companies to process items more efficiently, and ensure the accuracy and protection of components with our custom designed Carrier Tapes and Tape and Reel services.

Alltemated Tape and Reels millions of custom and standard components each week. Whether parts are in bulk, tubes or trays, Alltemated can prepare the packaging to the customers’ need with customized Tape and Reel or Carrier Tape manufacturing. The size of the opportunity doesn’t matter to Alltemated, our Carrier Tape and Tape and Reel services can accommodate high-volume projects as well as high-mix/low-volume demands.

IC Programming

When it comes to IC Programming needs Alltemated can handle any-size job with on-time delivery and accuracy. We’ve programmed and satisfied demands for some of the largest companies in the electronics industry. Our prices and turn-around times continue to demonstrate our dedication to remain competitive and innovative in the IC Programming market.

Alltemated uses machines and algorithms from global best-in-class IC Programming equipment manufacturers. We demonstrate impressive speed when it comes to IC Programming with same-day service, free First Articles (up to 5pcs) and development for IC’s that need algorithm and socket support. For IC Programming, Alltemated is the name to trust in the industry.