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Since 1993, Alltemated has been the electronics industry's preferred choice for one-stop component-preparation services. Alltemated sets the standard for tape and reel packaging, IC programming, bake and dry-pack services and carrier tape manufacturing.

We provide turnkey engineered, documented and managed solutions for our global customer list of top distributors, EMS providers and OEM's. These top-tier companies depend on our proven quality and reliability.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, delivery and price. Our goal is total customer satisfaction. We provide aggressive same day service, on-demand capacity and superior performance every time

When you want the best you need to work with the best.  Since 1993 Alltemated has been a leader in the packaging industry to help automate and create the most efficient and effective methods of packaging item through Tape and Reel process and IC programming to ensure packages are processed perfectly and delivered accurately to the customers.  Using the tape and reel services from Alltemated gives your business an advantage in the professional and accurate presentation of your products.

Tape and Reel

Alltemated inspects and packages millions of custom and standard components each week using their tape and reel services.  They have helped to create the industry standard when it comes to packaging and processing items that are made to use this service.  Whether you have parts that are bulk, tubes or trays, Alltemated can prepare the packaging based upon your needs using their highly accurate and perfectly engineers tape and reel services.  The volume of the job doesn’t matter to Alltemated, their tape and reel services are set up to handle the large volume jobs as well as the lower volume ones that only require a small amount of the products provided.

Using the carrier tape developed by Alltemated can give you company an advantage.  As the leading carrier tape supplier in the industry Alltemated offers this tape as a customized way to ensure the protection of your items such as small circuits and board parts that need to be protected and remain intact during shipping.  As a leading carrier tape supplier they have developed the processes and technology to allow your company to process your items more efficiently than ever and ensure the accuracy and protection of packages when being shipped out of your plant.

Not only does Alltemated lead the way when it comes to tape and reel services and as a leading carrier tape supplier they also use advanced technology such as underfilm for their packaging.  This underfilm process allows the carrier tape to be formed better to the product and then sealed tight on the corners with the underfilm.  This ensures the security of the items in the package while protecting it from damage during the sealing process.  The use of underfilm has been developed to assist the carrier tape supplier with offering the most advanced product protection for delicate circuitry items that need to remain protected throughout the packaging and shipping process.

IC Programming

When it comes to having your IC programming services done right the experts at Alltemated are the ones you want to trust.  As soon as you send them your code that needs to be integrated into the circuits they will put their IC programming team on the job and have at least some of the products ready to ship out the same day.  No other company can promise the speed that Alltemated offers when it comes to IC programming services to ensure you have the speed and accuracy you need in your machinery circuit boards.

The IC programming services of Alltemated help to ensure your machinery will have the most advanced and customized programming for your business to run efficiently.  When you take advantage of these services you can feel at peace knowing you circuits will arrive to you in packaging that has been processed through the tape and reel services offered by Alltemated.  This complete process of IC programming services for your circuits and the tape and reel packaging that makes use of the underfilm process ensures you have the right items that work best for your advanced production equipment in your business.

For advanced machinery and packaging of small parts of computerized circuitry, Alltemated is the name to trust in the industry.  Their IC programming services will give you the right circuits with the language and programs you need and their advanced tape and reel services allow you to enjoy the proper packaging for the small items you create whether they are computer circuits or other small parts.  Let Alltemated offer you their expertise and provide you with their advanced services to make your operation run more efficiently.

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