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Alltemated Inc’s expertise extends to thermoforming. Our thermoforming capabilities allow us to provide customers with innovative solutions. Alltemated has been thermoforming electrical insulators used in Mil/Aero applications for over a decade.

We specialize in thermoforming parts from Kapton, Ultem and many other materials. Alltemated thermoforms custom shape 3D insulators from die-cut sheets of Kapton and Ultem. Eliminate a Kapton taping process from assembly with our thermoforming solutions. Alltemated’s experienced Engineers and state of the art equipment can custom design for any application.

Our thermoforming processes support a variety of projects including prototypes, pre-production, small-production and high-volume production. Alltemated’s Quality department takes every measure to ensure that all specifications and requirements are met during the thermoforming production process. Thermoforming.